Why is the video world so inexpensive!?

By March 13, 2012scripting

When I first started in the video/film world cameras were super expensive, the computers to edit on were outrageously priced, and my hopes of starting a video production business were out of reach. Not so much anymore. Nowadays, anyone can buy a camera at Bestbuy on the Bestbuy credit card, and even buy editing software, and have it all paid off in 6 months. Crazy! But I love it!
When I started out I shot tons of weddings, and hated every one of them. When people asked me if I was a wedding videographer I had a pretty long winded disclaimer that I wasn’t because most of the wedding videographers made cheesy edits, and had terrible angles. I once saw a shot of the bride and groom super-imposed in a candle.
Ten years later, there are no more wedding videographers….they’re called wedding filmmakers. And the name is well earned. There are some amazing wedding videos out there, and it is all because of the affordability. Now I still hate filming weddings, so don’t ask…though I do shot about 1 or 2 a year.

Anyways, the reason for blabbing is because of all the great video effects, plugins, templates, and transitions coming out for rock-bottom prices. One of my favorite company’s is MotionVFX. They have been making great Motion templates for years, and in the last year, they’ve been putting out some amazing flares, transitions, and color correction presets. They even have some After Effects and Cinema 4D templates.
If you don’t follow them on Twitter, you should. @MotionVFX

In the last couple of years more artist have caught wind of the ever growing realm of templates, transitions, flares, plug-ins and presets. Here are some that we lean on…

Crumplepop – they seem to be constantly making more and more tools for the FCP editors.

Another new favorite is SquidFX.

Most of our business is corporate stuff these days, and we have found that they are looking for more indie types than going through the marketing/ad agencies. Why? I dunno. Ask them. (But I think it is because with Youtube and Vimeo, the indie filmmakers work is able to be seen more).

Anyway, all this to say…if you want to make movies or even start your own video production company…get off your rear, get a job, save your money, and get started. That’s what I did over ten years ago. My first video camera was a Sony Hi8mm Digital video camcorder. It cost me $1000 on a Best Buy credit card. Soon after came an Apple Cube. I got FCP for real cheap online…ebay. No more excuses.

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