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A while back we pre-ordered the JAG35 shoulder mount, and it finally came in this last week. This week I am in Florida shooting some stills for Sabre Holdings GetThere Summit. Unblind does mostly video work, but for the past 4 years we have had the pleasure of shooting photos for this event. For this project, I was excited to be able to test out the JAG35 gear. Granted I did not need the shoulder mount. But the shoulder mount package comes with a DSLR cage. So I ended up taking the just the cage.

JAG35 DSLR Cage | Canon 7D

After shooting all day, I think the cage is a definite must. It makes handling the camera easier. The cage has given me more areas to hold on too while going from place to place. And when shooting with Canon’s 70-200mm f2.8 IS (a beast of a lens), the cage definitely allowed me to get steadier shots. The only downfall seemed to be that the little rods that hold the top and bottom plates seemed to come loose.

Producer Greg Dill during rehearsals.

Amazing ice scuplture for evening gathering. Shot with Canon 70-200mm.

Hotel reception area. Shot with Sigma 10mm.

GetThere decor. Shot with Canon 70-200mm.

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