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A while back we got a GoPro camera to shoot some upcoming water and auto sports projects. Since we got the camera it hasn’t worked. So we had to send it back to get fixed. I assume this is a one time deal…just a bad camera. It happens. Hopefully we’ll get it back soon and the fun projects will begin. We also got Filmtools latest car mount specifically designed for DSLR’s… more fun!

So, here’s what’s coming up next for Unblind:

1) Off-Road Jeep Project: We are very excited to get to try out our new Filmtools Gripper 3025 car mount. We’ve used the single 6″ suction cup before with a DSLR, but noticed some shaking. So with the addition of 2 more 4.5″ suction cups, we are sure that our camera will hold better. The goal of this project is too shoot some promotional stuff, as well as try out this new car mount. If all goes well, I see a lot of uses for it in the near future.

2) Wake boarding!: My friend Alf has a wake boarding ministry that has some extremely talented athletes that I am dying to get to shoot. Now that it is starting to cool a bit… mid 90’s… we are gearing up to hit the lake… as soon as we get the GoPro camera back. For the camera we will use their chest harness, head mount, and suction cup.

3) VW Show Car: We are looking to shoot some Volkswagon spots for a friend of mine who shows his VW all over the country. With the GoPro we will get some low profile shots, POV, etc. Good stuff. Can’t wait.

4) Panama/Peru Trip: This will be a solo trip that I will take to shoot some more stuff for Pizza Hut and KFC. It will be a full yet quick trip, but I hope to shoot some time-lapse videos during my free time.

So keep in touch, and check back!

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