The New Batman Movie: The Dark Knight Rises | Hidden Audio Message

By May 21, 2011audio, production

The Dark Knight Rises poster

This is a great marketing idea! If you go to this link you will see a black screen, and hear an weird, ominious audio track. If you take this audio file and look at the audio spectrum analysis you would find the hashtag #thefirerises. It will take you to @thefirerises twitter account which generates a mosaic of the character Bane, played by Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy is that guy from Inception that was the impersonator…he was great in that film. Anyway, so drop the file into Apple’s Soundtrack Pro, click on the VIEW option up top, then click on the FILE EDITOR DISPLAY drop down menu option…then SHOW SPECTRUM….and here is what you see….

The Dark Knight Rises hashtag

This is the image that eventually appeared as more and more people figured out the message and tweeted about it.


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