So we are wrapping up the final touches of our short film, using the Canon 1D. We still have some tweaks to do here and there, but for the most part we are done. Below is a very rough edit of part of it.

From our experience using Canon’s 1D Mark IV, it does shoot better in low light, but not too terribly different than Canon’s 7D. Aesthetically, it seems the 1D is suited more for a photographer and the 7D was designed with the filmmaker in mind just because of the ease of flipping through settings on the fly. The 1D is definitely a well built camera. It is thick, and makes the 7D look like a tiny camera. It is like comparing the 7D to Canon’s Rebel. Also having the bigger sensor does make a difference, even though it is only .3x bigger than the 7D.

In regards to our shoot, we didn’t get everything shot in one day with the 1D like we hoped. So, all the exteriors scenes were shot with the 1D, and we came back the next night to shoot the interiors, using the 7D.

Canon 1D Short Film (Very Rough Sneak Peak) from Unblind Productions on Vimeo.

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