Ron & Bryce Howard’s Imagin8ion Project with Canon

So you have probably seen the commercials of Ron Howard and Canon asking for photos to inspire a project, well it is here! Below is a link to a behind the scenes featurette, and the trailer to the movie. Congrats to those whose photos inspired the movie. There where over 96,000 photos entered and 8 photos were chosen.
When You Find Me will go live on on December 16th at 12:00pm Est and will be accessible to the public until December 19th.

Check out the photos submissions on the Imagination Youtube channel.

Here are the photos that inspired the movie.

Here is a synopsis about the film’s story:
When You Find Me is the story of two sisters who find their carefree lives on the farm shattered by the sudden loss of their mother. Lisle, the younger and more imaginative of the two, becomes fixated on the idea of finding a spaceship in the woods which will transport them to heaven so they can reunite with their mother. Racked by a private guilt, Aurora, the older sister, is unable to share in the young girl’s naive conviction. Their opposing beliefs lead to a rift which continues to haunt them well into their adult lives. Alternating between past and present, When You Find Me is an emotional fable of two people coping with tragedy in very different ways, and what it takes to find peace and reconciliation within yourself and the ones you love.

You can find Ron Howard on Twitter at @RealRonHoward

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