Back in March I went to Aberdeen, Scotland to film a new Pizza Hut store that was designed much different than the stores here in the States. Along with FCP’s “Smooth Cam” filter and my the Igus slider, the video came out pretty nice. To carry the slider, I placed it, as well as a Manfrotto tripod, in a soft case. After the trip, I noticed the slider got some deep dents. Bummer. Luckily they were only at the end of the slider. I think it happened when security pulled the tripod and slider out to check them. Then they crammed them back into the case leaving me a little remembrance of the trip. A kilt would have been just fine.

Here is a video of some of the decor shots. The music is from a good friend, Chris Clayton.

Pizza Hut Decor Video from Unblind Productions on Vimeo.


  • davide says:

    Hi,thank’s for the useful blog.I’m interested in buying this kind of slider too but I’d like to ask you how do you fix the slider to the tripod?The screw on the tripod is not so long and the base of the tripod on which the slider stay on is not so wide.How can it be steady?

  • admin says:

    In regards to the slider….I wanted to use my slider on a tripod but with the ability to pan, tilt, & rotate the slider in every position. I am not a fan of mounting the slider directly to the tripod. I prefer to mount the slider on a tripod plate, then attaching the plate to the tripod. I hired a friend to drill some threaded holes. He drilled 2 sizes, a 1/4″ & 3/8″. I had him drill them at both ends, and in the middle. As well as locking holes. Most tripod plates had a little nub that helps lock a plate from sliding.

    As for keeping it steady, it comes in time. Nothing is easy in the DIY world. The more I use the slider, the easier it gets to capture better shots and angles. Check out other videos on my blog, and website. I mostly use the slider as much as possible.

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