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Panasonic’s new HPX is a big one! The HPX250 records in DVCPRO HD…Yuk!… and still loyal to the SD format in DVCPRO50, DVCPRO & DV.  It records in 1080 at 59.94i, 29.97pn, 23.98pn, 50i and 25pn and in 720p at 23.98pn, 29.97pn, 59.94p, 50p and 25pn. In DVCPRO50/25 & DV, it records in 480 at 59.94i, 29.97p, 23.98p, 23.98pa, & 576 at 50i and 25p over 50i. Looks like they are adapting some of their bigger camera aesthetics into the mid-size ones…good or bad? We’ve been shooting with Panansonic’s since 2000, and have been extremely happy…until Canon came out with better solutions for us. I don’t foresee us using this camera, unless we have a really good reason too. I like that fact that Panasonic is constantly changing things up, listening to the filmmakers and putting out new cameras. Check out the video below from AbelCine.


  • TH says:

    >> The HPX250 records in DVCPRO HD…Yuk!…

    You seem to have overlooked the fact that the HPX 250 also supports full-raster, 4:2:2, 10-bit AVCIntra at 100Mbps. If you are concerned about quality, that is the recording format you should set the camera to.

  • admin says:

    I did! It’s funny that with all that power it is still a 1/3.

  • Neville Mcsparen says:

    You are confused or not giving accurate review: You say you won’t be using this Camera as canon came up with better solutions for you; But Canon dose not have anything like this anywhere near this price: Panasonic has better zoom, 10 Bit, 422 color, professional codec (streets ahead of the opposition), cheapest price. even the canon c300 is only 8 bit selling for $18000, you sure you know anything about Videos?

  • admin says:

    Neville, I am confused. It is a cool camera. What I said is that it is not a solution for us right now. If it is for you, then great! Go buy one. But for us, we shoot mostly with DSLR’s. And when we do need a video camera, we use our Canon XF100….which shoots 4:2:2 at 50mbps. That is enough for us. We also shoot on so many CF cards, why buy another Panasonic that requires expensive P2 cards. And one last point, most of our work for our clients is for online viewing only. So 10 bit can be seen as an overkill. So my review is not of any confusion. It is all about preference and opinion. Let me know how you like yours when you get one.

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