October Time-Lapse

October Time-Lapse; Shot w/ Canon 7D & GoPro from Unblind Productions on Vimeo.

This October I traveled to Panama, Peru, Toronto, and a layover in Miami. While away I shot some time-lapses. I always carry my GoPro with me, and it came in handy on this trip. I usually always carry me DIY dolly slider. In the pic below, I used it to get my camera further out my hotel window with a fish eye lens on it.

Was I nervous….Yup! Especially when I had it hanging out the window 2 feet.

Typically when I travel I rarely have time to intentional set up my camera to get a time-lapse. So most of the time I shoot from my hotel window, or where ever I might be. Enjoy!


  • Larry Ray says:

    dude these are awesome! can you fix a zoom speed to time lapse as well. Or does the dolly slider do all the work in the moving time lapses.

  • Larry Ray says:

    nevermind there is no way you could time lapse a zoom move on that Canon right? It’s all manual zooms, so it must just be the slider. SICK!

  • admin says:

    Yo LRC 3rd….I did it in post. The images were huge files. When made into a movie, they were like 3000 x 2000 in size. So I edited on a smaller timeline….like 640 x 360…that way I had room to zoom in and pan.

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