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Since the DSLR craze hit the scene and we’ve jumped on board, we have used a lot of gear, cards, and batteries. Some have been bad, but most have been flawless. So, here is what we have found to work for us and our Canon 7D.

Compact Flash Cards:

Kingston 32GB 133X Elite Pro

ScanDisk 16BG Extreme IV 45mb/s

Compact Flash Card Reader:

ScanDisk Compact Flash Firewire Card Reader – It’s best to get a card reader that is the same as your cards, otherwise possible issues.

Pearstone LP-E6


Canon LP-E6 – Stock Battery

Pearstone LP-E6 – Cheaper option and can be charged on Canon’s stock battery charger.

We follow a blog by Jem Scofield, and he has had problems with the Kingston card I use. So, just because one card works for one guy doesn’t mean it will work for everyone else. Or any other camera. We never put our Kingston card in a Canon 5D. We use cards with faster speeds in the bigger cameras. Watch his post on cards…

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