Great Plugins for Editing…..Red Giants “Mojo” & Luca Visual FX “Regional Light”

I’ve been loving using Stu Maschwitz’s new plugin called “Mojo”…probably a bit too much. Here is our latest project we did for our church where we applied the Mojo.

For this project, we got the ole Indie Dolly out of the garage, dusted it off, and tried to remember how to set it up. As we tinkered, it came back to us. We shot with the Canon 7D with an ND filter. In post, I added some homemade lens flare effects for added texture. I also used a plugin that I forgot about to create some fake lighting in the background. It’s called “Regional Effect”, made by Luca Visual FX. We also used a Kessler Pocket Dolly with motor for a couple of shots. This was basically a 3 hour shoot, and about a 4 hour edit. It was planned in about a weeks time, and scripted in about a day. Oh, and we used some Twixtor too for some super slow motion stuff.

Here’s a pic with the Luca Regional light effect in the background. I was able to change the intensity and angle to give the effect that light is spilling in from a window onto the cabinets in the background.

Here are some behind the scenes pics.

Canon 7D on Indie Dolly, with Zacuto Pro Z-Finder

Indie Dolly on curved track

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