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Well, I got my GoPro HD camera back. Since I got it, it did not work, so I had to send it in. It took them no time at all to get it back to me….impressive. So, I took the kids to the pool to shoot some test footage. This camera is awesome! I love the waterproof housing. The quality is amazing, and the durability is strong. It is such a light camera it is so easy to get smooth “jib” like motions out of it.The lens is a pretty wide lens, and a fast one at that. The aperture is f2.8. There is not a preview monitor on the camera, but being such a wide fixed lens, you can’t mess up. However there is a new firmware update that enables you to use an external monitor to preview your shot. For $300 this is a must for anyone. Even just to get some really cool home movies of your kids.

This camera is so small. The menu takes a bit of time to learn, but for what this camera does, it is worth the time. On the picture on the left is some of the accessories I got with mine, such as:

Suction Cup Mount

Head Strap Mount

Chest Mount Harness

In the video you’ll see some slo-mo and and some real-time clips. I shot in 1280×960 30fps and 1280x 720 60fps for slo-mo. No color correction. After shooting the footage, I dumped it into Compressor, converted to ProRes LT, then edited on a 1280×720 30fps timeline.

Oh, and you can shoot time-lapse movies with it. That will be my next test. But for now, I plan to shoot as much with it as I can. I even plan to use it as a behind the scenes camera on future projects. In a week or two I will be shooting a wake board team, and I am hoping to get every angle I can imagine. Can’t wait!

GoPro: Unblind, Water Test Footage from Unblind Productions on Vimeo.

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