FCP X….The Hype is Definitely Over!

By June 23, 2011editing, post, resources

Since it has finally been released, I have been checking out what others are saying, and it is not good. If you read all the reviews in the App store, you’ll see that the reviews are split down the middle. But even the people who gave it 5 stars are disappointed at one thing or another. So will Unblind be getting it…the jury is still out. Grant and I have considered it, but we would only load it on one machine. With our constant projects, we don’t have much time to learn new tricks. A lot of the third party plug-in companies are working hard to get their filters updated to be compatible with FCP X, another reason why Unblind is waiting.

The new compressor seems to be the same.

The new motion seems to have some coolness factors to it, but if FCP X is not there yet, then upgrading to the new Motion is not on the “to do” list either. Love to hear your thoughts.

Here is a screen shot of some of the one stars reviews…

Even other blogs are getting bad press about it. Here is a screen shots from Cinema 5D’s blog. They did a vote on how FCP X is doing with editors.

But if you do decide to take the plunge, here is a helpful link that will explain a way to avoid some issues with loading it onto your computer.

UPDATE: Quote from Larry Jordan’s email blast….

“What was NOT expected, though, was that Apple would immediately discontinue Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Server, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro, and, most likely, Color.
Worse, they provided no upgrade path from FCP 7 to FCP X — in fact, Randy Ubilos was quoted as saying Apple was not interested in creating such a utility. Early Sunday morning, I wrote a second blog — while I remain basically optimistic about Final Cut Pro X — I was stunned at how Apple managed to totally alienate their key base of existing Final Cut Pro editors thru a series of completely dunderheaded moves.

I have never seen a product launch as badly screwed up as this one! Which is a shame, because Apple could have done this much more smoothly and kept everyone happy as we learned to use the new program. For some people, Final Cut Pro X is perfectly usable as it is.  For others, it is perfectly awful.”

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  • Jack Knetzger says:

    I do corp video on FCP. I bought X to try it out (from a separate boot sandbox of course) and find it has many cool features & GUI tricks (the realtime filter & transition previews) and handles AVC directly, but the the new metaphors and magnetic timeline a bit too clever for everyday multitrack work. So I downloaded the Premiere CS5 and Avid MC trials. Premiere is pretty good, very smooth – I bought that and am switching now from FCP. Avid MC’s interface I found very intimidating – in a half hour couldn’t figure out how to put a clip on the timeline, 😉

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