For this project our goal was to compare Filmtools single 6″ suction cup car mount to their latest system that includes 2 additional 4.5″ suction cups to help stabilize a center suction cup holding your DSLR.  Not only does their new system make the ride smoother, but also gave us more mounting options. Last time I filmed with the single suction cup, I was hesitant on leaving my camera mounted on my jeep somewhere. But with the new system having 2 more suction cups, I was not worried.

Upon receiving the new system I saw lots of rods, and mini grips, and thought that the set up time for each camera position on the jeep was going to take more time. It actually didn’t. The thing that took the most time was trying to decide where else to mount the camera. I had a shot list, but once I actually starting filming, I realized I could mount in many more positions.

Jeeping with Filmtools Suction Cup Car Mount: w/ Canon 7D & GoPro from Unblind Productions on Vimeo.

Our main camera was the Canon 7D. And for supplemental footage we used a GoPro, and a small Canon Powershot. The GoPro was nice to have because of its small size, we were able to mount it in random places that a larger camera could not go. And as or the jello effect, it was not that bad on the GoPro.


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