In previous post I have mentioned Filmtools suction cup car mount. This post is strictly dedicated to just that. I have owned their 6″ Gripper 3025 Suciton Cup Camera-Mount for about 7 months and have loved it. I just got back from Colorado, and on the way there I knew I wanted to shoot a time-lapse of the trip from Dallas to Albuquerque and in doing this I used the suction cup car-mount. When I arrived in Colorado, I took my kids into the mountains one day, and decided to capture that trip too, using the suction mount. Below are some pics and some video. For $90, this is a steal for the type of angles and uses you can get out of the mount. Check out my blog on the time-lapse from Dallas to Albuquerque.

Drivers perspective.

Shooting out driver-side window.

Filmtools Suction Cup Car-Mount | Canon 7D | Sigma 10mm f2.8

In the pic on the left, we had drive to the highest elevation of our trail and stopped for lunch, and I couldn’t resist shooting an amazing time-lapse of the clouds rolling over the Jeep. In the last post, there is a time=lapse video where you can see this particular angle. It is the first shoot in the Colorado time-lapse movie.

When using this suction cup mount, I rarely had to pump it to maintain the suction. It was truly impressive to see how well it did. Even on a dirty window. And on the movie below, I mount the suction cup all over my Jeep. I only had a towel and water to clean the surface, before placing the mount, but I felt confident it was going to be fine. And it was. You will see in the video that the camera is constantly being bounced up and down from the rough off-road trail.

Granted the Canon 7D does not have an image stabilizer in it….yet. So the video is a bit jerky at times. But I am mostly impressed with the suction during some of the hardest bumps on the trail.

Off-Roading in Colorado, with Canon 7D on Filmtools Suction Cup Car-Mount from Unblind Productions on Vimeo.


  • Stan McClain says:

    Your footage from the dirt roads of Colorado clearly show how one’s imagination and the versitility of the Gripper 3025 can result in some practical and clever camera positions that yield good composition.

    The studios have been mounting cameras on vehicles for years and the grips almost always use a “mag clamp” which is a clamp that attaches to the film magaxine, then two rods at 45 degrees attach to the vehicle so that the camera’s induced resonate and harmonic vibrations are reduced or eliminated.

    Although the Gripper 3025 is a secure mount that works as a stand alone amount, you can really see the differencee in footage when its used in conjunction with the stabilazation ket. Here’s a link:

    Stan McClain, Camera Mount Designer
    Filmtools Inc.

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