Cool Film Burn Effects at a Great Price!

By August 5, 2011editing, post

I stumbled upon some film burn effects while browsing DSLR Cinema’s blog that are the best I’ve seen online thus far for the price. You can get 12 film burns for $39 if you use the promo code “planet5d”. The regular price is $99. They are a must for every editors grab bag. You can get them at Digital Cinema Foundry.We got some, and have already implemented them into our current project.

The creator is Denver Riddle, a DP and colorist who seems to be an actual editor, and not just a wannabe editor like some bloggers. Now I realize I might be over dramatizing how great these are, but I am tired of trying to create my own, and find good ones online. As well as Denver’s great effects, the blog is pretty handy and basically an outreach to all filmmakers to share their videos and stories. Denver also has another site dedicated to color grading…Color Grading Central….that is full of presets, tutorials (FCP X included), and many others things that you can purchase or get for free.

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