By September 7, 2010behind the scenes, camera, lighting

So we are close to wrapping up our experimental Canon 1D Mark IV project. In the pics below you will see our rig, and the one light we used. I didn’t want to use one, but we desperately needed one. But here is the deal….the only light we used for the outdoor night shots was one I got on Ebay for $70. It is an extremely bright LED light. It added a nice fill here and there. We shot with all Canon primes. See list below.

Canon 28mm f1.8, 50mm f1.8, 85mm f1.8

Here are the pics. The final version of the film coming soon.

Actor Bryan Hebdricks | Camera Operator Matt Coleman | JAG35 Shoulder Rig

Grip Matt Wilson | Our only lighting set up

Camera Operator Grant Wakefield |Ikan Video monitor | JAG35 Shoulder Rig

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