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This month we will be shooting a new DVD series with Doug Hudson of The Hub. Last year we produced 2 series for The Hub. The first was the book of Romans (from the Bible), with the teaching from Tommy Nelson, pastor of Denton Bible Church. The other series was the book of Philippians, by Matt Chandler, from The Village Church.  The new project will be Tommy Nelson teaching from the book of Ruth. We are set to shoot at a very cool church in downtown Dallas called City Church International. We expect to have about 280 attendees for the shoot, which will create a great live vibe. In the past, we have shot in a home and a downtown loft, with only 12 to 15 people in attendance at each of these projects. And those projects we used 3 cameras each time. One on a tripod…dead center, and the other 2 were on the left and right on dollies. For this project we are shooting with 4 cameras. Two DSLR’s and two EX1’s (from tests, they match pretty well). No dollies on this project. We will have a steadicam, and a jib, and the other 2 cameras on sticks. Below are some pics from our location scouting.

Doug Hudson, Exec Producer | Drew Rodgers, Graphic Designer | Camron Ware, Lighting Tech

Doug Hudson & Drew Rodgers thinking about how to implement brand on back wall.

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