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Often we need a quick solution to for a client that needs lots of cool animation, and motion graphics. When that time comes we pull from an online resource called A designer named Szymon Masiak seems to be the brains behind the operation. He has over 300 templates on his site with extremely fair prices.

Personally, I do not know Apples Motion very well. I can do enough to get by. The really cool stuff is out of my league at the time being, but even if you are an expert in Motion check out this site and his work is too get great ideas and tips on how certain effect can be done.. This site also has After Effects templates, stock video, flourish elements, and occasionally he gives away a free template. Not only do they have great templates, but Szymon Masiak is a great guy who takes his work and customers serious. When we have a question, he gets back with us pretty quickly. Check him out!

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