Shure’s NEW Wireless Reciever’s Perfect for HDSLR Filmmaking

By August 22, 2011audio, gear, production

Shure has a new wireless system that is a strong competitor to Sennheiser’s G3 wireless system. We use the Senn G3 system, and love it. So right now we have no need for the new Shure model, though we used to use Shure gear all the time, and occasionally pull out our old Shure field mixer which has proven itself dependable and useful.

What I like about Shure’s UR5 is that it can “scan and sync” for frequencies. This will definitely make the hassle of finding your local available frequencies much faster. Here are the specs:
-RF Carrier Range: 470-952 MHz (varies by region)
-Modulation: FM, ±45 kHz maximum deviation
-Antenna: Switching diversity
-Dynamic Range: >100 dBm=, A-weighted
-RF Sensitivity: < -106 dBm for 12dB SINAD, -88dBm fro 30 dB SINAD
-Image Rejection: >100 dB (typical) (ref. 12dB SINAD)
-Spurious Rejection: >80 dB (typical) (ref. 12dB SINAD)
-Squelch Threshold: 30 dB SINAD (±3 dB) normal setting
-Compatible Channels: Per band: 40 (band dependent)
-Tuning Bandwidth: 60 – 72 MHz (band dependent)
-Frequency Stability: ±2.5 ppm
-Pilot Tone: UHF-R Mode: 32 kHz tone key pilot, Axient Mode: 28 kHz tone key pilot
-Audio Frequency Response: 50Hz -16 kHz
-Ultimate Quieting: >100 dBm=, A-weighted
-Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.4% THD (typical) (ref. ±20 kHz deviation @1 kHz)
-Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 90 dB (typical) (A-Weighted)

The UR 3 is a handy little transmitter that is ideal for either putting on a boom mic or for hand held field reporting. It has an ear phone jack for additional monitoring which is something that I wish the Sennheiser equivalent had. I am a huge fan of both companies, and have even written an article for Shure in the past, but I think for the price we’re sticking with our Senn G3 system. The Shure price tag seems to be just too much right now. Maybe they will come down when it is finally released.


  • XsentrX says:

    UR3 is not a receiver…it’s a transmitter. And It has an earphone jack? Have some confusion with the UR3 details you’ve posted…are the UR5s ones correct?

  • admin says:

    XsentrX, thanks for the typo on the “receiver” vs “transmitter”. Yes my info on the rest is correct. And I did not say that the UR3 does not have an ear phone jack. You must have misread the post.

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