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Please let me vent…..

Been using Magig Bullet for years, then get this on a loaded out Mac Pro.

We have been slaving over a couple of projects for months now, and personally, I am about to call Apple, Red Giant, and Industrial Revolution and demand at least a 100 hours of rendering back, some cash back, an apology, and a paid vacation to Hawaii. I am tired of rendering only to have the render files keep disappearing… leaving me to have to re-render again and again. Maybe I should charge my clients by the hour! I’d be a millionaire!

So after 2 months of editing on a particular project, the day that masters are due the filter Volumetrix 2 decides not to render anymore. Kept getting an error. <insert vulgarity here>  Not only that, but Magic Bullet Looks renders but after it renders it shows to be fine, then the little red line appears yet again, not even 30 seconds after the render.

How about Compressor. I was trying to make some DVD files for authoring, but out of nowhere a particular button…a “submit” button, grays out. Don’t even get me started on “smoothcam”…what a joke. I am definitely purchasing CoreMelts “Lock n Load” smooth cam filter.

Now all the forums have suggested “resetting this”, “trashing that”…. this is my favorite…. “Re-install Final Cut Pro and all your other 3rd party plug-ins.” Thanks guys, been there, did it, problems are back. At least I am not the only one having these issues… right? Thanks Jobs.

There. Thanks for letting me right this as it is past midnight, and have already missed multiple deadlines.


  • Brian Small says:

    Magic Bullet never has a problem on my PC.

    Yeah, I said it. PC. PC. PC.

  • Larry Ray says:

    It’s in the dark hours too that mysterious things happen. Go to sleep next time and pretend you are a carpenter (not an editor). Wake up, pack a lunch and go to the job site and leave FCP for the birds. Then when you figure out that you don’t know how to build houses, come back to your desk and by that time your Computer will have mysteriously worked itself out.

  • admin says:

    I’d prefer to go to a few movies, then come back. The motivation and inspiration will help me overcome the issues!

  • admin says:

    PC? Not sure what that means.

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