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I’ve been watching this light for a while waiting to see the negative reviews come out about it and none so far. So I pulled the trigger and ordered one. Thus far, I am happy. It is everything it says it is. It is LED so it does not dim, but you can turn off the amount of LED lights on the panel giving you a dimming type of solution. It is well built and seems to be made well. The power cord that comes with it is really long too. For the price this is a deal that seems to be worth buy. You can find them here.

500 LED light Panel Led Video lighting Led Lite Panel by Fancier

The switches to turn off the amount of lights.


  • Tom says:

    this is old technology
    We have one that dims down to 1%

  • admin says:

    Thanks Tom, but who is “we”?

  • Eric Jolley says:

    I just bought one of these as well. I’m fairly impressed, the light seems very bright but it is a little if you are having to look towards it. Are you using anything to diffuse it?

  • admin says:

    Hey Eric, we do not use anything to diffuse it. Personally I find myself rarely pointing the light at a subject. I angle the light a bit, use the barn doors to reflect, and even bounce light from it with a 5 in 1 on the other side of my subject. As of now we have 3, and love them all. They are all different versions: two of them are the Fancier models… is like in the post, another has the dimmer knob, and we have an unknown model that needs a minus green gel to balance it. Overall they make life much easier.

  • TOMTOM says:

    hey i bought the light due to your review but it flickers in PAL 25f mode
    (starting on30f/s and all the way up)
    it doesn’t flicker on 24f though. For film it’s fine but what if i shoot an interview for TV.
    Then would need 25 frames (europe).

  • admin says:

    What camera are you shooting with? Have you tried adjusting your shutter speed? You can adjust your shutter to eliminate flickering or rolling lines. If you are shooting at 25fps, then you can set your shutter to 1/50, or a number divisible by 25…like 1/100, etc.

  • TOMTOM says:

    Ah right. sorry. Shooting with 5D MKII. Shutterspeed was my first guess too but as mentioned before it’s flickering with all shutterspeeds. Flickering looks more loke rolling lines i would say. the speed changes on different shutterspeeds. thanks

  • admin says:

    What kind of batteries are you using? If you are using AA batteries, that might be the issue. Try using a Li-Ion battery instead. I use Panasonic batteries.

  • Eric says:

    Thanks for the reinforcement, just picked up a couple of these (with dimming knob). Got any examples of how you’re using the lights?

  • Keitha Guers says:

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