Mountain Lion! It’s here! Where did Quicktime 7 go!?!?!?!

By July 30, 2012editing

So Frustrating when Apple does this kind of stuff. I am a creature of habit. I like my stuff to be where I am used to it always being. So last time I couldn’t find Quicktime 7, it was in the Utilities folder. Who’d figure that!?

Now it is not even in the new OSX! Or is it? I dunno. I can’t find it.

But thanks to Christopher Breen at Macworld….

I (we) have a solution! Click here.


  • Jay says:

    But still. Mountain Lion is AV Foundation only

    If you want Blackmagic or AJA output in FCP7 on Mountain Lion. Forget it:)

    Your solution on Mac World is for Lion.

  • admin says:

    Yep. It works for both Lion and Mountain Lion OSX’s!

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