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A while back we got another LED light off Ebay, and it has proved itself worthy over the past few months. It is really a no name brand, which can be good and bad. Typically no name brands are not worth it, but this light seems to have earned it due. On Ebay they range from $32 to $125 dollars. But be aware… there are many different companies out there selling this same model. So the $32 one has a $35 shipping fee. So expect to spend $60+ no matter what. Here is a link. If you are not a professional videographer or photographer, this light would still be worth the buy. There are so many still cameras that shoot video, but they do terrible in low light situations.

It comes with a pretty sturdy hot shoe adapter that pans and tilts, and a diffusion and tungsten filter. The filters have magnets on the corners to help them attach easier. And if you buy more that one you can connect them together to make a bigger light. It takes either 5 double A batteries, or you can get a Sony battery, like this one. And if you do not have any Sony batteries like this one, go ahead and get the charger too.

So compared to name brand lights, this is a steal.

Here are the specs for the LED light:

  • The LED camcorder lamp light allows you to link lights together to make larger light.
  • Standard Hotshoe adapter can be attached to the camcorder or DC camera.
  • A more advanced hot shoe adapter for adjusting different angles.
  • The light’s got a dimmer to control the intensity, and the power can also be supplied by a video camera.
  • Two filters (in magnetic manner) for both softening and lowering color temperature.
  • Magnetic filter plates that simply snap onto the front of the LED light. Included is both a 3200K daylight to tungsten warming filter and a white diffusion filter.
  • Standard daylight (standard color temperature 5600K)
  • A flicker free light and has a rear facing dimmer knob that can be adjusted from 25% to 100%.
  • Ultra life time power LED (average 30000 hours)Specifications:
  • Model: HDV-Z96 LED
  • Average liyespan (hours): 30000 hrs
  • Illuminance: 800Lx
  • Beam Angle: 65 degree
  • Colour Temperature: 5600K/3200K (with Amber filter)
  • Diffuse installation: Magnetic Pick-up
  • Compatible batteries: 5x AA batteries or Sony NP-F550 Rechargeable Li-Ion battery (battery is not included)
  • Power: 7W
  • Voltage: 5.8-16.8V
  • Dimensions: 127 x 75 x 45 mm
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