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We were told by a friend Camron Ware about a great place to purchase all types of cables, adapters, etc. If you need something to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’, check out Monoprice.com. We recently bought 4 different lengths of HDMI cables from them for our Canon 7D, and the total price came to $24. We were blown away. At Bestbuy one cable cost $60. Ridicules!

This is starting to sound like an ad for Monoprice, but it is not meant to be. Our goal is only to share great deals to others that have been shared with us! Thanks for sharing Camron!


  • Matt Green says:

    “At Bestbuy one cable cost $60. Ridicules!”

    I do enjoy ridiculing Bestbuy…also, Fry’s has cheap HDMI if you can’t wait for shipping.

  • Cabling Erik says:

    One area where the big box stores fail is to provide in-wall rated HDMI cables. They offer HDMI cables with al the flashy netting or plastic flair which is not suitable for in-wall HDMI installations. Since so mane people are now wall mounting thier TV’s it is a must to follow your building code and install a CL3 or CL2 in-wall rated HDMI cable.

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