While I was in India in November, I shot quite a few time-lapses. I used a 7D and GoPro…oh, and the ever so handy Nasty Clamp. If you follow this blog, you’d think I worked for Nasty Clamp…I don’t. I just think they are extremely useful, and handy. Check out my set up pics, and then watch the video. In the time lapse, you’ll see how ridiculously over-crowed the city of Delhi is. You’ll take a ride on a rickshaw, a train, and on a safari. The pics below are my camera set ups. Enjoy!

On the roof of my hotel in New Delhi.

On bus driving through town.

On train.

Mounted on side of a rickshaw.

Roof top angle

India Time Lapse, Canon 7D and GoPro from Unblind Productions on Vimeo.

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