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Are you tired of getting pixelated text in your menus in DVDSP?! It has been so frustrating knowing that we have spent money and time on some incredible software, but every time we create a menu in DVD Studio Pro we get sloppy looking text. After trying to create menus in Photoshop, and Illustrater, we finally found a way to avoid the pixelated text.

At one point we even tried creating our menu in Photoshop and making the image 960×720, instead of 1280×720. We did this because Photoshop’s canvas uses square pixels unlike videos rectangular pixels. By stretching the image it did eliminate the problem a bit, but not enough. So, after some research and more experimentation we figured it out. Use Apple’s Motion! Easy as that. The results are amazing. First, we design our menu, then save the Motion file. Don’t worry about exporting the menu as a movie, not necessary. Just save it as a Motion file. Then go to the Motion file and open it in Compressor, using the “Best Quality” template, and drop the newly compressed file into DVDSP. Very simple, but the time that it took to figure that out was frustrating. Not sure why we did not think of that in the first place. Now, there still is a downfall that we are working on figuring out. Using the stock buttons in DVDSP still produces a poor pixelated image. So avoid that if you can. In the meantime, let us know how you do it, and let us know the way you create your own menu buttons. Thanks.

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