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This last week I was looking around for an LED light, that was bright and affordable, and we found some on Ebay. We own an Alzo770L, but just yesterday we received a similar LED light from Ebay. This light is better built, and runs off the Panasonic CGR batteries…which we have a lot of. Thus far, for only $45, this is a great find. Time will tell how dependable this light it. The good thing about the Alzo 770L is that it can run and be charged off a USB connection, and has barn doors. Read on to see some pics.

Here is the Alzo 770L and the CN-126 (Ebay) lights side by side. The CN-126 is a bit larger, and when you add a Panasonic CGR battery it gets much heavier.

CN-126 on left. Alzo 770L on right.

They both come with stock diffusers, and a tungsten gels. In the pic below, they both have their diffusers in. It is obvious the CN-126 is brighter. Its color temp is 5400K. The Alzo’s color temp us 5600K, but only has 70 LED’s. The CN-126 has 126 LED’s.

CN-126 on left. Alzo 770L on right.

Here the diffusers have been removed. You can see the tighter LED pattern on the CN-126.

CN-126 on left. Alzo 770L on right.

Here is the CN-126, by itself with a pouch that has the tungsten gel in it.

CN-126 with accessory pouch for extra tungsten gel.

In the pic below, the CN-126 has a Panasonic CGR battery attached. It comes with a plate that slips in the back to make it adaptable for the Panasonic rechargeable batteries. When the battery is removed, you can run it off 6 double “A” batteries.

CN-126 with a Panasonic CGR battery on.

For us, this is an easy choice. We love the barn doors on the Alzo, but its brightness just doesn’t keep up with the CN-126.


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