FX Factory has a new free “Text Titler”

By February 1, 2011editing, post

Over the years Noise Industries FX Factory has come in very handy in creating cool, quick effects. Basically Noise Industries is an App that host a bunch of other guys plug-ins for FCP, FCP Express, Motion, and After Effects. For the price, most of their plug-ins are appropriately priced. And many times they have freebies that are better than most of the other online freebies you can find out there. If you don’t have their App, go get it. It keeps the plug-ins you purchase from them and their partners organized.

Their latest Freebie is long over due. I have been waiting for something like this for years, and I never would have thought that it would be a free one. I cannot stand the text titler’s in FCP. They are weak, and drive me crazy. Noise Industries is giving away a titler called “Manifesto.” This plug-in lets you change the size of each word or letter within the settings. FCP titler does not do that. FCP’s keep all the letters the same size. It does many other cool things.

Check out their video explaining it more in detail below.


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