The clouds in Florida are amazing! There are so many layers, that you can really see the depth of how far one is from the other. Unfortunately where I am staying I do not have one single good view of the clouds, nor am I near the beach. I would love to shoot a time-lapse of the sun setting over the ocean. Not gonna happen. So instead, during my down time, I shot 3 time-lapse videos out of my hotel window. The intervalometer was set to shoot one shot every second. Then edited at 23.976fps.

Florida Time-Lapse, Canon 7D from Unblind Productions on Vimeo.

In this time-lapse I set up the 7D on a mini tripod. You can see in the picture that the JAG35 cage is on, as well as a handle we got from CPM Filmtools. After yesterdays shooting I decided to try and shoot with this handle. It has made a ton of difference in handling the camera.

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