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Here are some pics from our Jeeping project using Filmtools DSLR camera suction cup car mount. The mount was amazing, and easy to use. At first I was unsure about how long and fast it would take to set up shots. But even after the first camera position was decided on and set up, I had made up my mind that this was going to go faster than expected. The one thing that took the most time was trying to decide where we wanted to mount the camera. Now compared to the single Filmtools camera suction cup mount I used in Colorado, I felt way more comfortable knowing that the extra support was on my camera. At times in Colorado I found myself holding on to the single suction mount when I could. But with the extra two 4.5″ suction cups, I had no reason to be concerned. Even when the jeep was bouncing around as much as it did.

More pics in the full article. Video will be coming soon!

Mounting GoPro camera on windshield.

We used the Canon’s loyal 7D.  To help get more angles, we used our GoPro HD camera as well. Jason Villa came with his Jeep, and I took my jeep to help shoot some b-roll and to follow him while hauling all my gear. We shot for about 3 and half hours. Definitely not enough time. Would love to go back and try different things. The trails we drove on are located in Bridgeport, Texas. You would not believe the trails they have out there. Wait for the video, if you love off-roading and live in North Texas, this is the place for you. Check back later for more details about the Filmtools gear.

FilmTools car mount made for DSLR's.

Jeeping with FilmTools camera suction car mount.

Only one 4.5" support suction cup used. No more for the second cup.

Fisheye lens on Canon 7D.


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