Fast Slide Show Creation

By May 17, 2011editing, post

Photo Presenter

A few years ago, I was in a jam and needed a fast solution to create a slide show. In the past, I would do it all manually in FCP. Not anymore! We now use an Mac-endorsed application called Photo Presenter….and it only cost $29! The company that makes it is called Boinx. You might have heard of them from some of their other products. They have everything from iPhone apps to BoinxTV….which turns your Mac into a TV studio.

Photo Presenter can import photos from your Facebook account, Flickr account, Aperture, Photo Booth, or anywhere else on your computer. They make it so easy. You have many, many cool options to choose from to create a unique slide show. You can adjust your backgrounds, frames around pictures, and colors. Take a look below to see a screen shot of the layout.

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