DSLR Monitors? A lot of them seem the same?

By March 9, 2011gear

JAG35's 7" monitor

Ikan's 7" monitor

If you look close enough, something looks familiar…right?

If you see a good deal for a monitor, more than likely you can find it somewhere else for about $10 to $50 cheaper. It seems now that Ikan is selling the same monitor that JAG35 started selling last year. That monitor being the Lilliput monitor that caught everyone’s attention about 2 years ago. It is a good little monitor for shooting with DSLR’s, but it does have its limitations. But again…for the price it is a good deal if all you are needing is a monitor for pulling focus.

Ikan is selling theirs for $299.
JAG35 is selling theirs for $249.

We got JAG’s, and it seems to be the better deal out of the two. Simply because of the accessories they give with it. But after getting it, we realized we could have gotten it for $100 cheaper at CoolLCD.com.

Cool LCD 7" monitor

Now there is nothing wrong with what Ikan and JAG35 are doing. We are not out to get them. It just simply helps to bloggers and forums because they keep us aware of the better deals and steals out there.



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