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For the past year we have been using our DIY Igus slider. It has been loyal to us, but it is time for improvements. We have yet to see anyone to add a motorized pulling or crank to it, so that is in the works. (We are open for ideas too.) So moving into 2011, we are looking at a Merlin Rail Slider Camera Dolly. Pretty much every project we did last year for Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, and other YUM brands, we used our Igus slider. And we are tired of shooting the same camera movement over and over trying to get the perfect camera move. We are at a crossroads of needing a dolly that has a smoother glide…like wheels!

This dolly system is extremely affordable.  Almost to the point that we are hesitant. If you’ve used this model, please share…is it worth it or is it just a great deal!?

From our experiences, a dolly is a must to add more production value to a project. Our Igus slider has had a good run, and we intend on keeping it. With the Igus, we love getting to film a dolly shot literally at any degree or angle. But it is not always necessary to shoot a vertical dolly shot. We have had issues with the Igus’ aluminum rail getting dinged by airport security, and little bumps here and there. The smallest scratch to the rail can cause a smooth run to stop in its track. So we are looking for a dolly with wheels. Personally, I grew up using a huge Fisher dolly, or doorway dolly. Eventually we got the Indie Dolly, which brings us back to mindset of wheels giving us a smoother, dependable camera move. Stay tuned…

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  • did you guys end up trying the merlin rail slider? we can’t find any reviews of it and does look nice. would love to hear your feedback if you pulled the trigger

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