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If you are in the business of wanting something, but not really wanting to pay for it. Acts of Sharing is the site for you. Imagine yourself wanting to use a particular camera lens for a gig. Sure you can rent one, but for those no/low budget projects it is not realistic to pay for it. Well Acts of Sharing is a great avenue to get what you want for free. It is an old idea, but with technology, the idea has been revolutionized.

Here’s their overview:

Simple: Build Your Collection – Search for Items you have and add them to your Collection by clicking “I Own It” or add an item you want to your Wishlist by clicking “I Want It” under each item in your search.

Relational: Connect to Your Friends – Request and connect to your friends on Acts of Sharing. This gives you access to their collections while allowing them access to yours. For your privacy, only those whom you accept as friends are able to see your items.

Local: Borrow an Item – You can search for items you want to borrow in two ways:

  • Looking through an individual friendʼs collection of items – Find an item you want to borrow and click “request this item“, which will send a borrow request to your friend

From this point you can communicate with your friend on the site, on the phone or however you choose to connect in order to decide when and where you want to meet to exchange the item you are wanting to borrow.

Saving money and living simply by developing even better relationships with those we know and love. Acts of Sharing is built on the fact that we have more TOGETHER!

Check out the site, sign up, and get to sharing.


  • Samuel says:

    I love this concept!! Wish I would have this more my last project, will be using it now though!

  • admin says:

    Yeah it is a cool concept. It is still new, so the more we spread the word about it, the more options we will have to borrow!

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